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January 19, 2008

Good old friend…

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Good old days… Do you remembe Mac OS? no, not Mac OS X, Mac OS, the old venerable operating system made by Apple.

Well, yesterday my boss asked me to reinstall two Power Mac G4 with Mac OS 9 and guess what, it was weird.

Oh, I’m not gonna tell you I hate Mac OS now that I’m using Mac OS X and that I’ve been using it for years, no I just realized I had forgotten how it was before. Not completely of course, but just enough to have to search for what used to be common in the pre-Mac OS X time. For example, a very common action, rebuilding the Desktop was so easy to do a few years ago, yesterday I didn’t remember what was the keystroke, I had to look at the keyboard and finally it came back, option-command and suddenly, it was there :


No, Mac OS, I don’t miss you and I didn’t forget you, we spent good moments together… It was just funny to see you again, like a good old friend from school. But, in fact, we didn’t have that much to share after so many years…

I’ll never forget but you’re better in the paradise of ancient OS.


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