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February 28, 2008

Apple USB Ethernet Adapter and non MacBook Air computers

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When Apple mentioned the USB Ethernet Adapter (link to AppleStore, I’m not affiliated in anyway, it’s the only page I found about the product on Apple website) was only for the sexy MacBook Air, I was disappointed. It was for me a useful little accessory I had been waiting for very long. But, things may be a little different in fact.
When we received a test MacBook Air at the office, I took the USB Ethernet Adapter and plugged it on my old PowerBook G4 1.67 GHz running Mac OS X v10.5.2. Surprisingly, Mac OS X told me immediately a new network port was discovered. I went to the Network preference pane in System Preferences, the Port was here.

Then I plugged an ethernet cable, set the port to use DHCP and, few seconds later, I had received informations from our DHCP server.

That’s gonna be very useful in conditions where I need to connect to 2 networks at the same time or to setup a Mac Mini to do some NAT, I have lots if ideas about that…

Thank you Apple, now I have some kind of official solutions, other USB ethernet adapters I had tried relied on some beta drivers and were not as small nore beautiful.

Good, good…

Where is my credit card to order one ?..

Oh, in case you’d wonder, the USB Superdrive was recognized by my old PB but did not work, I think my USB2 ports are not strong enough and, for that accessory at least, you really need a MacBook Air. But, I don’t really mind, I already have a Superdrive that, by the way, I don’t use that much.


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